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    Insurance Services for Cerredo, Fort Gay, Kenova, Wayne

    After being in business for more than 30 years, customers in Cerredo know to call Maynard Insurance Agency when they have questions about the right kind of life insurance for their family. We are able to do heath insurance and auto policies, too, which can mean discounts for our steady customers who have multiple policies. Be sure to ask!!

    A company in Fort Gay will contact our office to have one of our agents review their commercial insurance coverage. They may need to provide for their expanded business, or for the addition of a small fleet of vans that were not part of their operations last year. It is best to make sure there is sufficient coverage for the business and commercial vehicles.

    Young drivers in Kenova who want to shop around for auto coverage know to call Maynard to speak with one of our agents. We take the time to review different aspects of their auto policy, to try to save money on their premiums.

    Wayne homeowners count on Maynard Insurance because we know the local economy. Our agents live and work right here in the area, and have an interest in saving our neighbors a ton of money when it comes to their homeowners and property liability coverage, especially if they hold multiple policies.

    Insurance Services for Buffalo Creek, Centerville, Ferguson, Tripp

    Homeowners in Buffalo Creek may call on Maynard Insurance Agency when they need to speak with a knowledgeable agent about their coverage. Times change, and the homeowners have paid off their mortgage. They have turned hobbies from crafting into a small business they work from home. We may need to talk about business insurance and how much coverage they need to ensure they are adequately protected.

    A hotel in the Centerville area may contact Maynard Insurance when they need to review the kinds of coverage they need for their business operations. They may be thinking of renovations this year and want to make sure their property and employees are protected. We work with businesses of all sizes and can help to select the right options.

    A family from Ferguson counts on our thirty years of experience when they need assistance with their auto policies. The have new teenage drivers, working drivers, and elderly drivers, all of whom operate different vehicles. We help them ensure they have the right kind of coverage for the different vehicles, and may help them realize a discount for multiple policies.

    This could not be more perfect…retirees from Tripp who are planning a trip in their RV call on Maynard to review their policy. Our agents have over three decades of experience and know the area. We can help them find the right coverage to keep them rolling along without worrying about loss if their windshield gets broken or if someone breaks in when they are away.

    Insurance Services for Elmwood, Hidden Valley, Shoals, Winslow

    Beautiful Elmwood is home to a number of customers who contact Maynard Insurance when they need to speak with one of our experienced agents. We can help families answer their life insurance questions, ensure auto policies are adequate, and connect commercial customers with the right coverages that they need for their business.

    Hidden Valley is no secret to Maynard Insurance Agency because we are from this area. For the past three decades, our agents have provided commercial insurance services to many businesses in the area. Take advantage of our experience and our local office to ensure your company is covered in the event of loss.

    Maynard Insurance Agency is here for your insurance needs in the Shoals area. Whether you need insurance for your home, auto, RV, or business, our agents have the expertise to find you the best policy at rates you can afford. Discounts for multiple policies may also apply, so give us a call.

    Winslow-area customers know to call Maynard Insurance for assistance with their automobile policies. Our agents have more than 30 years of experience in finding the right coverage at an affordable price. We take pride in the work we do. Since we live and work in the area, we do our best to provide excellent service.

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