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Quality Homeowners Insurance for Wayne, WV, and Surrounding Areas

Homeowners Insurance Coverage by Maynard Insurance Agency LLC

Maynard Insurance Agency LLC offers quality homeowners insurance for Wayne, WV, and surrounding areas. Homeowners insurance policies cover your home from various disasters or injuries, like falls, fires, or other problems. Homeowners understand the need to protect their beloved possessions, and we are here to help. Our experienced insurance agents can find a homeowners insurance policy that works for you. Call (304) 736-4455 or contact us online today to receive a free quote.

Protect Your Family and Home in and Around Wayne County, WV

Homeowners insurance protects your home against fire damage, vandalism, and damage due to weather events. Clothing, furniture, appliances, and most of your other belongings in your home are also covered if there is an insured disaster. Homeowners insurance also provides liability coverage, which protects you in case someone gets hurt on your property. This type of insurance policy is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Many (if not all) mortgage companies require borrowers to have insurance coverage for their property. For a homeowners insurance policy in Wayne County and surrounding areas, contact Maynard Insurance Agency LLC today.

Applying for Homeowners Insurance with Maynard Insurance Agency

Apply for homeowners insurance with Maynard Insurance Agency LLC. Our insurance agents will work hard to find you a policy that will meet all of your needs. There are a few things that you will answer through the application process. These questions may include:

Do you have current coverage or any claims? 

What is the estimated cost to rebuild your home? 

(Current estimates will help you avoid being under insured.) 

How long have you lived in this home? 

Do you run a business from your home? 

If yes, what type of business do you have? 

Do you have dogs? If yes, how many and what breed(s)?

Do you have any exotic pets?

Our family-owned agency will help you in securing a policy that protects your home and family. Call us today or contact us online for a free quote.

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