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    Maynard Insurance Agency, Inc. offers home insurance policies in Huntington, WV to protect your home & property.

    Homeowners Policies Protect Your Home and Property

    Property owners know the importance of having a homeowners Insurance policy that will cover their household in case of unexpected events. Maynard Insurance Agency can offer a variety of policies to protect your home against fire damage, vandalism, and damage due to weather events. Liability coverage also protects you in case someone gets hurt on your property.

    What information will you need to provide to get a quote? If this is your first time, or you are looking to get a newer coverage to replace an existing policy, it helps to get some documentation and data together. These are some general items to include or questions that may be asked when seeking a homeowners insurance quote. You may or may not be asked all of these questions, and there may be more we have omitted. You will save a little time if you have the answers to the following:

    Applicant Information:

    In most cases, you will need to provide your date of birth, social security number, contact information, marital status, job information, and details about others who reside in the home. Be able to answer the following questions:

    • Do you have current coverage or any claims?
    • What is the estimated cost to rebuild your home?
      (Current estimates will help you avoid being underinsured.)
    • How long have you lived in this home?
    • Does anyone in the home smoke?
    • Do you run a business from you home? If yes, what type of business do you have?
    • Will anyone live with you who is not related?
    • Do you have dogs? If yes, how many and what breed(s)?
    • Do you have any exotic pets?

    Current or Past Insurance Information:

    You may enjoy savings by bundling insurance policies, such as home and auto. Be able to answer the following questions:

    • Do you currently have homeowners or renters insurance?
    • Have you had homeowners insurance in the past?
    • If yes, what company were you with? Do you have the Policy Number or Expiration Date?
    • If not, how many years have you been uninsured:
    • Do you have auto insurance? If yes, what company were/are you with?

    Home Information:

    Find documentation from settlement or other places that will help you answer the following questions:

    What year was it built?

    What year did you buy it?

    Do you have a mortgage? If yes, who is the lender?

    Do you have a second mortgage? If yes, who is the lender?

    What is the square footage of living area?

    What is the roof type, and its approximate age?

    What is the style of the home? (For example: ranch, two story)

    What is the flooring? (For example: hardwood or cement; tile or carpet)

    What is the exterior material? (For example: brick, siding, stucco)

    Do you have kitchen finishes? (For example: custom cabinets, granite counters)

    Do you have bath finishes? (For example: marble, Jacuzzi tub, heated floor)

    Are there any swimming pools, trampolines, or playhouses on the property?

    List your home systems and approximate age for each:

    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Heating
    • Air Conditioning
    • Septic System
    • Well
    • Sump Pump

    Do you have any supplemental heating sources? If yes, what is the number and fuel source for each?

    • Fireplace
    • Heating Stove
    • Other

    Distance to the nearest fire department

    Distance to the nearest fire hydrant, or other water source.

    Do you have any of the following protective devices? If yes, state the age or service provider of each:

    • Smoke Detectors
    • Carbon Monoxide Detector
    • Deadbolt Locks
    • Alarm System
    • Security system

    Personal Property Information:

    Some homeowners seek to have valuable property appraised first, to ensure that the coverage obtained covers its worth adequately.

    Do you have any of the following valuables? If yes, state the approximate value and whether or not it has been appraised:

    • Jewelry
    • Guns/Firearms
    • Furs
    • Antiques
    • Music Instruments
    • Photography Equipment
    • Sports/Leisure Equipment
    • Other Valuable Collectibles

    Having the answers to these ready will make shopping around for quotes less time-consuming.

    Homeowners may also enjoy additional discounts for having a security alarm, and for holding multiple policies through Maynard Insurance Agency—such as home and auto together, or home and RV insurance policies. If your home is also part of your business, be sure to review our commercial policies.

    Get in touch with our agents to see how we may be able to save you money on coverage.

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